HOUSE OF HOPE 2 – More Hope for Women in Transition

Patricia King – Sharing My Heart

Dear Friends,

In 2021 we purchased our first House of Hope in Arizona. It is a four-bedroom home near our ministry for women who are in transition in their lives – women who do not have a high income and who need community. This original House of Hope was beautifully furnished, has a warm godly atmosphere, and is overseen and maintained by Patricia King Ministries. A small rent (below average market value) is received from each of the women to help cover house expenses.

This program has been such a blessing that we have decided to launch a second House of Hope in Texas in connection with a wonderful Christian builder, and ministries who share our desire to help women. The mission and focus will be the same. And the furnishings and set up will also be very similar.

Would you be willing to be a part of creating a second House of Hope for more dear women who are in need?

Our Goal: $250,000 for the Home and Furnishings

We already have about $57,000 to sow into the House of Hope so we only need $193,000 more. Please prayerfully consider helping us help these women by sowing a love gift into our Texas House of Hope project.

To donate to THE HOUSE OF HOPE PROJECT, click here: