HOUSE OF HOPE – Patricia King’s 40th Ministry Anniversary and 70th Birthday Project
Patricia King – Sharing My Heart
Dear Friends,
This is truly a year of celebration for Ron and I as we look upon all the Lord has done in our lives and ministries.  Many have asked, “What can we get you for your birthday… for your ministry anniversary?”  As much as I am touched by everyone’s love and thoughtfulness, I do not need anything, I am blessed indeed.  
I want to give a gift to the Lord and to those in need rather than receive a gift.  Here is my desire:
I want to buy a 4-bedroom home in Maricopa AZ that can house women who are in transition in their lives – women who do not have a high income and who need community.  The House of Hope will be bought and beautifully furnished by Patricia King Ministries, have a warm godly atmosphere, and will include all utilities and maintenance. A small rent (below average market value) will be received from each of the women to help cover house expenses.
The Goal: $330,000
We already have about $155,000 to sow into the House of Hope so we only need $175,000 more. Would you like to be part of this blessing project?  It’s way better than a birthday gift because it will keep on giving and blessing!
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